March 22, 2014
Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most common questions we've received and our answers. If you have additional questions regarding our platforms, please go to our "Request A Quote" page. Simply fill out the form and ask your question in the comment section.

Where is Swim Platforms Inc. located?
Swim Platforms Inc.
3220 S. 38th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85040 USA
(602) 431-8225 (MST)
To help us serve you better please use our "Request A Quote" form before you call for a swim platform quote.
Our detailed written platform quotes are more descriptive than a verbal quote plus, a written quote is honored for 30 days.
How much do the platforms cost?
We would be happy to quote a platform package cost, along with crating and in most cases freight charges. We also offer many platform details through our "Request A Quote" page.
What is included with the platform package?
You will receive the new platform ready to install along with: stainless steel installation hardware, a heavy rubber trim molding, oval insert(s), a non-skid surface, and in most cases a 40" long 3 step ladder. The platform quote will say if the platform of interest will or will not include a ladder. We supply installation instructions via Email or fax.
Will the gel coat color match my boat?
The platform gel coat color will be close to the factory colors. Time and weather effect the hulls color. We have taken this into account.
Is it hard to install a platform?
You may choose to have your local boat yard install the platform, or if you are handy and have some basic tools you may elect to do the job yourself with some help. Most platforms are installed under a half a day with two people.
How do you ship the platform?
The platform and installation hardware are shipped in a wood crate, via a common carrier (Semi truck ) F.O.B. Phoenix, at the buyers expense. It is billed with the platform charges.
How much does shipping crate cost?
We will quote the crate cost with the platform quote. The average cost is about $100.00 USD.
How much is shipping?
The average shipping charges are $140.00 to $300.00 USD. Of course the farther away you live from Phoenix, AZ, the freight charges will increase. We will usually supply a freight quote along with a platform quote. You may arrange your own shipping if you wish to.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we suggest that you check with the local authorities for: import taxes, duties and broker charges.
Do you stock the platforms?
We only build per order.
How long does it take to receive a platform?
We will advise the lead time with the platform quote. The seasonal demand changes the lead times.
What does "Lead Time" mean?
Lead time is from the point of placing the order until the time the platform gets shipped. We build each platform per order and in the order in which it is placed.
What if I don't see my make/model listed?
In some cases we may have a pattern/template for your make/model and it's not listed. In other cases we may ask you to make a pattern/template of the back of your boat. Sometimes we may ask for a few pictures of the back of your boat. We can email you our pattern/template making guidelines (at no charge), then simply send us the pattern/template. We have invested a lot of time and money in building an extensive amount of custom Swim Platform molds. There is no doubt that we can meet your needs and fabricate a truly beautiful Swim Platform for your boat that you will be proud to own.