March 22, 2014
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With thousands of custom platforms built...
it's easy to see why our customers RAVE about our platforms.

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Hello and thanks for the great platform. It fits well! 
Please find attached a pic of the platform installed. Use it on your website if you wish. 
Kevin Gaetz
Maxum 1750 SR 2003
Just wanted to express my appreciation for your help in selecting the right swim platform for my boat. The mounting of the platform was easier than anticipated. We have been enjoying the platform and are always fielding question of where it was obtained and surprising everyone when I tell them that I mounted it myself. My wife and I enjoy the use of the platform and can’t imagine boating without one. Thanks to you and your staff in selecting the right platform and we look forward to may years of boating enjoyment. Attached is a picture of the installed platform with my wife enjoying its use!
Angel M. Melendez Jr,
Chaparral 240 Signature 
Thanks Paul!!
Platform fit great. Had the shipyard do the job.
The pictures were taken on the Beach of Dellis Cay in the Turks
and Caicos.
The boys at Caicos Marina and Shipyard liked your product.
Left them all of your info you sent with the platform.
Brian Gaetz 
Larson 206 Senza 
Here in Germany it is now spring and I could see my Larson after reconstruction drive. As requested I send them some pictures of my boat with the new swim platform.
The selected color of them "TUN" is far removed color from my boots and the extra cost of extracting desired gel coat I could have saved.
However, I am very very enthusiastic about their bathing platform! The shape is perfect. The fit overwhelming.
Everything is very accurate and exact, and very stable. All it needed was for mounting it and the swim ladder is a dream.
Many Thanks! I am very glad I bought her bathing platform.
And I am very glad that they had so much patience and I have built and delivered so quickly swim platform.
I would buy again from them.
Since I have the swim platform changed somewhat and repainted, I had to remove their labels. Unfortunately, these have not remained intact. Could I possibly get new?

Many Greetings
Thorsten Schmidt
Larson 226 LXi
Just thought I would submit a photo of my boat with the ESP mounted. It is one of, if not the best upgrade I have done for my boat, we love it!
Newport News, VA
Chaparral 1930 SS
Just wanted to comment on the platform we just purchased. We absolutely love the platform. The installation was pretty straight forward. My wife and I installed it with no problem. It's a perfect addition to the boat. The kids love jumping off the back and hanging their feet off the back of the boat. There's plenty of room for all of us to sit on the platform. This is well worth the money and the craftsmanship is perfect! Thanks for the product and we will recommend this to all our friends. 
The Butts family
Glastron SX 175 BR-2003
Here are a couple of pictures of my boat with the platform from this summer. I couldn't be any happier with my purchase, I had put it off for a couple of summers, but now I wish I would have done it sooner! The installation was very straight forward and the fit was perfect. My kids enjoyed the boat even more this summer!
Marty & Family, Alexander, ME
180 Crownline
Just wanted to say how much we have enjoyed the platform.  I have had it on for 2 years now with no issues.  I have several friends who saw mine and are going to be ordering from you here shortly. 
Patrick M,
Yakima, WA
2000 Cobalt 190
It wasn't easy buying a product without first seeing and feeling the quality but after reading some of the reviews it made it a bit easier. I don't know how it is there in Arizona but here in Miami it's hard to find someone who builds with quality and workmanship. The platform you sent had both and it fit like a glove, truly exceeded my expectations. With the aid of a couple straps my wife and I installed the platform in about 3 1/2 hours. Attached are some pics of the install and its maiden voyage.
Thanks again and keep up the great work,
Ron - Miami, FL
Chaparral 252 Sunesta 
Hello Art,
 Thanks for the hard work on the swim platform. We love it. Looks factory installed. I added a few pics for you and I also added a pic on a Chaparral forum. Just to let you know the year Chaparral I have 92 there is no difference in hull design between the SL and the SLC.
Thanks again,
Glendale, AZ
Chaparral 1900 SLC-1992

Hi Art,

We have been enjoying our boat with our new swim platform so much I have forgotten to send you an image.  We installed it ourselves and it took a little longer than 4 hours but it was all good in the end.

Thanks so much for your good service, we would not hesitate to recommend your company.

Regal 222 Valenti SC-1995

Scott and crew - We love our new platform. We even slow danced on it this past weekend. Here are some pics!
Thanks - Jeff Davis
Bayliner 285
Thank you, Ron. I just wanted to let you know the installation went great and the platform looks great on the boat. And, it is solid as a rock. Weather permitting we will have the boat in the water latter this week and I will try to get some pictures for you.
Richard Bettendorf
Bayliner 249 SD
We just brought the boat to the marina and our neighbors had Platform envy! What a difference this will make for our summer. I can't wait for it to warm up so we can put the platform under some regular use. I would highly recommend your platforms. I put it on myself with the help of my son, Nick and friend Roddy. The way I look at it, I was by no means ready to upgrade to a larger boat... This is our addition!

Steve Yarnall
Bayliner 245 SB Cruiser-2006
Attached are some photos.
Maybe they are good enough for 185BR Model on your website?
Everyone that has seen the platform liked it. It is much bigger than expected, very much a good thing.
Looking forward to some warm weather so my children can test it out.
CAPT Phil Vance, USN
GREAT JOB manufacturing the swim platform for my 1995 Chaparral 2330 SS .... your product matches the stern of my boat exactly, there is not a gap over a 32nd of an inch ... incredible work by you and your team.
I have recommend your business to any/all of my friends and I have let the local marina know of your product and name.
Dennis Norton
Hello Ron,
Sorry about the delay (crazy busy) in getting you guys some pictures of our little jet boat
(NorthStar Rogue LTD 17.5) with the Swim Platform installed.
We are having a blast and the platform is working exactly the way that we wanted it to.
Luke Webster

Well worth the investment.  I attached a couple pics of mine.                                                          
2003 Larson 210 SEI
Mark Rosacker



      Here ya go. Another Awesome install of one of your platforms. This is by far the best upgrade you can do for any boat. Dollar for Dollar. At the end of the day. Engine improvements, Stereo improvements and almost any other improvement you can do all have their place but for all around usage this is the best money spent.


Hello Scott
I can't tell you enough about how much my wife and I enjoyed the new swim platform that we got from you, it's a totally new boat to me now.
We really enjoyed going out to the swimming hole and bringing out the lawn chairs and sitting on them or just sitting on the platform itself with a cold drink in hand and your feet dangling in the water. We boat in a group of about ten boats from our marina and one afternoon everybody got together and used it as a buffet table for all the munchies. Everybody was really impressed with the workmanship you guys put into it and how good it looks, they all said it looks like it came with the boat from the factory. I have included some pictures, feel free to use them.
My boat is a 2000 Wellcraft 3000 Martinique
Gary M.
ON. Canada
Hey guys,
I just wanted to let you know how much we love the new addition to our
boat. Talk about added real estate to an 18 foot boat!! Now that we have
the platform we couldn't imagine the boat without it. You guys certainly
have a quality product and your customer service is second to none! Thanks
Joe Amos
2007 Bayliner 185
Thanks Art,

My experience with your company was great. From ordering to delivery, you were right on. I even received my platform a day early. If anyone is afraid to order something like this off the internet, don't be. These folks build a quality product. I am sending pictures of my beautiful 246 Cobalt with platform installed.

Thanks again for a VERY good experience.
Lee H., Selmer, Tn.
Hi Ron,

I've now had your swim platform on my 2000 190 Sea Ray Signature for a year and a half and it is by far the best and most used addition I've made to the boat. The additional room, the enhanced safety, and the easier access to the boat are all big plusses. In addition, the helpful service you all provided during the installation make me look back on this purchase as one of the smartest ones I've ever made. Thanks again guys!

Bob S.
Mobile, AL
Hi Ryan, Art, Ron

Thanks, everything showed up on time, in-tact, with all parts and pieces.

The installation went well and the platform looks great. Install time was 4 hours at a leisurely pace. Pics are attached.

Thanks again, In only 2 days I have had many complements on the quality and professional look of your platform. Your service, speed of delivery, and product are all a 10.

David M.
Marinette, WI    Wellcraft 2600 Martinique
Thank you swim platform we love everything about our platform. It makes water sports a breeze and we never worry about the kids while swimming anymore. Perfect fit and finish, complements have become a regular thing.

Thanks again,
The Timmermans
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